Ray is determined to keep Janice out of trouble. He orders her to find a job and stay away from Len. Audrey receives a mysterious bunch of flowers. Dickie thinks they're from Richard Matthews but Audrey knows they aren't. Elsie realises living with Emily was a mistake. Stan hears in the shop that Minnie is owed a Christmas Club refund of 50/-. Hilda sees a map of Australia in her tea leaves. Annie tells Ena she hasn't missed Emily. Dave has Len and Ray doing odd jobs at the betting shop and florist. Minnie is already betting again, encouraged by her win. Annie, needing a barmaid, invites Emily to return to the Rovers, with a reduced rent. Emily tells her that she'd need a guarantee she wouldn't be evicted again. Ray is annoyed when Len makes a date with Janice. Stan invites Minnie over to have her fortune told by Hilda. Ena goes along as a witness. Hilda predicts that Minnie will come into some money. Minnie is pleased while Ena tells them they want their heads examined. Janice likes Len because he's mature but she's more mindful of Ray so breaks off with him and goes out with Bob Neale instead. Val gives Minnie her Christmas Club money. Ena chalks it up to coincidence. Stan encourages Hilda to go professional and pockets half her earnings for himself. Elsie tells Dave that Emily is in her way. He tells her that he'll get rid of her. Dave's jaguar is nicked from outside the Rovers.


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