Peter is rushed to intensive care. Carla tells Michelle, Steve and Liz she's leaving for the Canaries today. They think she'll regret it. Ken rushes to the hospital when he hears about Peter's seizure. Kylie is embarrassed when Max starts acting up in front of the psychiatrist. Katy and Luke decide to have fun before letting Steph know they've split up, acting lovey-dovey in front of her. Todd is annoyed when Jason, Tony, Fiz and Tyrone go for drinks, leaving him to finish up. Kylie wants to know if Max has ADHD but the psychiatrist needs to observe him in school before making an assessment. Steve tells Carla about Peter taking a turn for the worse. She refuses to change her plans. Liz thinks she's putting on a front. Tony tells Fiz they can't offer her more money but after Jason presses him on the matter he offers her and Tyrone £2,000. Steve drives Carla to the airport. The Barlows are relieved when Peter stabilises although he is still critical. Steph has enough with Katy and Luke and snaps at them. They let her know they've been winding her up. Ken tells Liz and Steve about Jim coming to Peter's aid. Carla visits Peter at the hospital, having let the plane go without her. When she arrives back in the Street, she tells Ken, Tracy and Rob that she didn't want to return to find Peter had died and intends to visit him again. Rob is livid.


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