Kylie hands David a list of jobs to do for Lily’s birthday party. Even though it's a bank holiday, Jason plans to work on the loft conversion at No. 9. Steve receives a flyer from The Flying Horse challenging the Rovers to a cricket match. Fiz ropes Tyrone into helping Jason while she takes the girls to the party. Max starts playing up and David’s forced to bribe him with chocolate cake but he sneaks out of the house and smears it over Steve's newly-cleaned campervan. Kylie, on edge with the upcoming party, blames David and gets more fraught as the preparations continue. Jason goes for his lunch leaving Tyrone alone. Eileen gets annoyed when her family prefer to spend time in the Rovers rather than with her. Steve refuses to talk to Michelle and Liz about the visiting order that Peter is sending him. Max is sent to his room when he kicks Liam but he ends up throwing toys down into the back garden. One hits Gail and she drops the large birthday cake on the lawn. Kylie’s devastated, convinced everyone blames her for being a useless mother. She refuses to deal with her son any more. Tyrone goes into the loft to take a video of it in its "before" state. He gets on a ladder to get a high shot but loses his balance and falls off, plunging through the unsafe thin floorboards into the bedroom below.


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