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In North Wales, Deirdre is underwhelmed by the rural surroundings and lack of proper facilities. Simon doesn't really want to see Peter in prison but goes along with it for his dad's sake. Ken excitedly plans a walk to a burial chamber and going for a picnic, although his enthusiasm is lost on Deirdre who would rather have a pub lunch. Leanne complains to Dev about being out of work. She's thrilled when he immediately offers her a job at the kebab shop without an interview. Peter is nervous about Simon's visit and sees Jim for a drink to steady his nerves. Lloyd and Andrea are pleased as Neil will have left the country by now. They're stunned when he walks into the Rovers and tells Andrea he let the plane go without him to have another go at talking her round. Lloyd is livid when she agrees to hear him out. Jim warns Peter that people have been commenting on his condition but gives him a bottle of booze when he promises to be more careful. Ken enjoys the thrill of getting back to nature but fails to impress Deirdre with his Welsh. Deirdre wishes she was next to a pool. Neil tells Andrea he'll do anything to make her happy. Lloyd worries he'll get through to her. Leanne and Simon visit Peter. Simon barely says two words to his dad. Neil accepts defeat and takes Andrea for one last drink. Tracy presses Michelle to find a wedding venue. Leanne recognises the signs and accuses Peter of being drunk.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Peter begs Jim for a drink to settle his nerves as he awaits a visit from Simon; and Andrea is horrified when Neil reveals he has passed up the job to try and win her back.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,897,000 viewers (4th place).
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