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Nick is embarrassed at vandalising Michael's van. He tries to deny being behind it but Gail sees through him. With the library due to close today, Yasmeen, Emily, Mary and Roy start their sit-in. Craig joins them. Yasmeen takes a selfie and sends it to various media outlets, including Twitter, and emails her colleagues on the council. Julie tells Rita that Dennis plans to leave. Rita says it's for the best but quietly wonders if she's doing the right thing. Audrey warns Gail about falling for another Lewis. Dennis loses his temper and punches Norris when he calls him a freeloader. Rita walks into The Kabin just as Dennis grabs a wad of notes from the till. Coming to Norris's aid, Rita tells Dennis that she was considering giving their marriage another go but now they're finished for good. Nick grudgingly offers to pay for the repairs to the van. Michael agrees not to bring in the police. After having one last sentimental look at No.11, Dennis says goodbye to Julie and leaves the street. Maddie and Simon get on well as she and Sophie look after him. Yasmeen's selfie of the sit-in gets fourteen retweets. A security guard tries to move the protesters on but Yasmeen and Roy stay for the long haul. Gail tells Michael she has to finish with him for his sake and her family's. They are both upset. Nick is pleased that he's saved Gail from Michael - she tells him that he's only "saved her" from a chance of happiness, as he thinks everyone should be as unhappy as him.


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