Neil doesn't tell Steve who he is. He unnerves Steve with his responses at attempts at conversation. Jenna returns from visiting her mum and hears about Andrea. Neil quizzes Steve about his private life. Steve loses his temper and asks him to leave the cab. Neil does so, making a passing comment about "friendly" cabbies. Tracy badgers Deirdre into ringing Ken and telling him everything that's happened. She finally gives in and agrees. Anna and Owen tell the family about the bankruptcy hearing. Amy is interested in taking Albert's Military Medal into school but it can't be found. Ken is so upset to hear about Peter's drinking that Deirdre bottles out of telling him the rest. Ken tells her that Adam is on the mend so he'll soon be home. Lloyd refuses to talk to Andrea when she accosts him in the street. Again, Steve comforts her and she grabs onto his words of comfort as an offer to spend the night in the Rovers as she has nowhere else to go. Neil watches them talking together. Emily hears about the library closure. She joins in the discussion when Yasmeen calls on Roy. Liz isn't pleased to find Andrea ensconced in the Rovers. Rob finds out from Tracy that she sold the medal to pay for the wedding. Disgusted, he insists she tells Deirdre. Katy apologises to Anna for her attitude to her over recent weeks. Yasmeen asks Roy and Emily for their help with a sit-in. Yasmeen doubts Emily's commitment and is told about her previous experiences with direct action. Yasmeen is happily impressed but Sharif begs Roy and Emily to keep his wife out of trouble, citing a previous arrest for some unspecified action she took. Deirdre tears a strip off Tracy when she confesses, threatening her with eviction if she doesn't get the medal back. Lloyd thanks a guilty Steve for getting rid of Andrea for him, saying he can't bear for her to be around.


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Notable dialogue

Emily Bishop (to Yasmeen Nazir): "Please, don't question whether I have the stomach for a fight - I've been fighting my whole life."


Deirdre Barlow (to Tracy Barlow): "Men like Uncle Albert fought and suffered for years in misery just so that people like you could waste your lives jiggling your iPods and fretting about gettin' yer nails done!"

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