After sleeping the night in a cell in the police station, Peter is brought his breakfast while at No.1, Rob tries unsuccessfully to persuade Deirdre not to attend the committal hearing. Leanne is furious to hear of the charge, thinking Peter lied to Simon. Peter is told by his solicitor that it's highly unlikely he'll be bailed. Rita ignores Norris when he tells her that Dennis is using her. Steve is surprised to get a "C" pass mark in his exam results. Feeling the pressure, Rob snaps at Norris when he expresses his delight at Peter being charged. Andrea gets an "A" and suggests that all the students have a celebratory night at the Rovers. Peter is remanded in custody for a trial in three months. His solicitor suggests a plea bargain and Peter, furious that his innocence is doubted by his own counsel, sacks him. Maddie confesses her concern to Sophie about disturbing Ben with her visits but refuses to move full-time to Devon as Sophie won't leave Weatherfield. Feeling the pressure at Underworld, Carla promotes Sally to be her permanent PA. The students gather in the pub where Lloyd presents Andrea with a key to his flat. Nick and Leanne have the briefest of reconciliations when he manages to cheer Simon up but they soon start bickering again. Dennis warns Norris off but he's unmoved by the threat. Taking a breather outside the pub, Andrea is startled when Neil arrives unannounced to join her. She manages to walk him away off home before Lloyd comes out, puzzled as to where she has got to.


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Notable dialogue

Steve McDonald: "I don't wanna spend all night in a pub with a load of people that are brainier than me."
Lloyd Mullaney: "Mate, you do that every night."

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