Peter is arrested in the street, handcuffed and driven away in front of a distraught Simon. Rob is relieved though Tracy voices her continuing doubts. Andrea asks Lloyd for more time to consider his request. A tearful Rita and Steph start to clear up Tina's things, helped by Dennis. Michelle asks Andrea why she is so reluctant. Andrea gives her daughter's feelings as the excuse. Deirdre is distraught when she is told of Peter's arrest. Peter is questioned as to why his fingerprints are on the bracelet but is unable to provide an answer. Andrea tells Lloyd her answer is yes but she needs to speak with Jessica and give her landlord a month's notice. Peter is unable to provide a convincing alibi for the night in question. Maddie confides in Tim how happy Ben is with his new family and that she realises any contact he has with her only confuses him. She apologises to Sophie for her behaviour. Andrea arrives home to a cooked meal from Neil but makes her excuses to go to bed early and avoid him. Lloyd makes excited plans for doing up the flat for Andrea. Dennis and Rita grow closer. Norris is annoyed to see them giving each other a kiss. Ken is contacted in Canada about Peter but is unable to return home immediately as Adam is still so ill. Tracy feels sorry for him. The police tell Peter they've found traces of Tina's blood in the outhouse and they believe the murder weapon was stored there. They formally charge him with murder.


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Tracy Barlow (to Rob Donovan): "I've lived among murderers. I think I'd know one if I saw one."

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