Leanne is stunned to see the bistro sign being taken down. Gail drags David to Street Cars to tell Steve he warned Michael to stay away. Steve agrees to give him another chance. Carla is annoyed that she has to keep calling on Peter for factory business. Marcus is pleased when Maria agrees to let him see Liam despite his previous no-show. Maria urges him to see Todd for what he is. Maria tells Marcus that Liam has gone to a friend Tyler's house. Todd sees Marcus leaving the salon. Leanne searches for Nick and unknowingly blurts out more sordid details about her past to Eva when Yasmeen is standing behind her. She's mortified. Carla tells Peter she's moving out of the flat and offers to buy his half of the factory. He refuses at first but agrees when she asks him to sign if he cares about her. He refuses to give up on her and although he signs the papers, he also refuses the money. Leanne tells Yasmeen she's a different person now from when she was a prostitute, druggie and arsonist. Yasmeen doesn't trust her and advises her to finish with Kal for his own good. Luke eyes up Carla in the Rovers and buys drinks for her and Maria. Marcus feeds Todd a cover story about helping someone from work for when he's seeing Liam. Peter is upset at seeing Carla enjoying herself with Maria, Luke and Tim and pours alcohol into his orange juice. Kal tells Leanne to ignore Yasmeen. Nick re-christens the bistro Just Nick's. Leanne is livid to see the new sign going up and argues the bistro is still partly hers. Michael is thrilled that Steve has kept his job open and calls Gail his guardian angel. She agrees to have tea at his flat. Peter warns Carla not to humiliate herself. She invites Luke back to hers.


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