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The Windasses receive a postcard from Phelan from Dubai gloating about their troubles. Faye offers to get a job but Anna tells her it's not necessary. Sally feigns a passion for opera to put Tim off marrying her. Sophie can see what she's up to and suggests she just be honest with him. Izzy is upset when she misses Jake taking his first steps. Marcus takes a sickie from work as he's hung-over. He regrets telling Todd he loves him. Ann McIntyre, Tina's mum, visits Rita. She admits she and Tina barely spoke and is glad Tina had people who loved her in her life. Carla is upset to see her. Owen agrees to do some grouting for Roy but is bitter at being reduced to doing odd jobs for mates. Andrea and Jenna fuss over Lloyd. Rob snaps at Michelle when she takes no notice of how upset Carla is. Gary gives Faye money to go ice skating with her friends. Sally's scheme backfires when Tim buys her an opera DVD and insists on watching it with her. Gary collects Faye and discovers she's been drinking. He takes her for a coffee so Owen and Anna don't find out as they have enough on their plate. Carla is mortified when Rob introduces himself to Ann McIntyre and offers to help her in any way he can. Owen knows immediately that Faye has been drinking when she returns home. He argues with Gary and thumps him. Anna turns on Owen, threatening to throw him out if he touches Gary again.


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