Liz is surprised to find that Steve isn't planning on making up with Michelle as he thinks it's a lost cause. Michelle offers to look after the factory for Carla but Carla insists on going into work as usual. In exchange for fixing a leak, Gary books a family dinner at the bistro to celebrate Owen's homecoming. Sally tells Tim to take his time choosing an engagement ring. Steve decides to go after Michelle but she is unimpressed when his efforts only stretch to a bunch of flowers from the Corner Shop. Marcus is annoyed when Kirk has go at him in the cafe, and tells him they all need to move on. Owen returns from Aberdeen but hasn't decided what he's going to say to Anna and drinks in the Rovers instead of facing her. Carla urges Michelle to see that Steve isn't a bad bloke and didn't mean any harm. Owen returns home to find Katy moving the last of her things out. She tells him Anna confessed to sleeping with Phelan. He's mortified that Anna told her and Izzy but refuses to discuss the matter with Katy. Tim buys a cheap engagement ring from Barlow's Buys. Todd arranges dinner at the bistro with Marcus and invites Eva. Anna is worried when Owen doesn't contact her, especially when Eva tells her he was in the Rovers. Lloyd advises Steve to grow a pair and show Michelle what she means to him. Tim presents the ring to Sally. Anna finds Owen at No.6. She wants to get the argument over with but he refuses to discuss the subject. Steve tells Michelle he'll do anything to be with her. Anna forces Owen's anger to the surface by suggesting that she wears the outfit she met Phelan in to the bistro. He throws the kitchen table over.


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