Steve's questioning lasts an hour. Michelle wants to know why it took so long and he lies that he's been told not to say anything of what they asked him. She's suspicious of him. The crash team work flat out as the others wait nervously outside the room. Roy visits Carla to offer his support but he's not very good at talking to her. Liz realises Steve knew about the affair and thinks he should tell Michelle but he avoids the issue. Nine minutes have passed and the crash team still can't revive Tina. Roy takes Carla to the Rovers. Peter tries to intercept them on the way but Roy makes him leave them alone. With still no sign of Tim, Sally throws his dinner in the bin. Peter starts to drink again. At twenty-four minutes the crash team cease their endeavours and Tina is declared dead. Rita is devastated. Rob stalks out of the hospital as Rita and David are left alone with Tina. He also breaks down. Sally shouts at Tim when he arrives home. Rob arrives back at the pub and Tina's death is announced. Carla and the regulars are stunned. Leanne is at a loss to know how to break the news to Simon. Tracy worries about the false alibis she and Rob gave the police. Dennis comforts Rita and holds her as she cries. Kylie asks David not to cut her out in his grief. Peter comes into the Rovers to the news of Tina's death. Carla points her finger at him, accusing him of killing Tina. Handing him a bottle of vodka, she suggests he drinks himself to death.


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