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The police hunt for Sophie, Maddie and Ben. Maddie breaks into Mary's motorhome and takes refuge there. Sophie doesn't approve of Maddie's actions but her attempts to get her to give up Ben fall on deaf ears. Maria feels Marcus and Todd are laughing at her. Tyrone comforts her. Sinead meets Chesney for their date at the bistro, clad in the dress he bought for her. She doesn't feel like herself in the dress - a situation made worse when Katy walks in wearing an identical dress. Tyrone prepares to go home as Maria is feeling better. To keep him there, she deliberately knocks over a bottle of wine. Maddie feels bitter when Ben says he wants to go home. She realises Ben doesn't mind moving to Devon and lets him go. The police see Ben leaving the motorhome and arrest Sophie and Maddie. Sinead gets drunk and insults Katy before making a fool of herself. Sophie and Maddie are released without charge. Sally doesn't think Kevin would want Maddie back at No.13. Sharif gives his blessing to Kal and Leanne, telling Kal that his late wife Jamila would want him to move on. Steve suggests that Lloyd get in some last-minute training from Kal, but Andrea warns him against it as he won't be able to move on Monday. Kal decides not to pursue a relationship with Leanne as it's too soon for them both. Tim is annoyed when Sally sends him upstairs while she deals with Sophie and Maddie. Sophie keeps defending Maddie, telling Sally she would have done the right thing eventually. Maddie expects to be thrown out but Sally agrees to give her one last chance. Chesney shows Sinead a photo of the first dress he bought. She's impressed. Tim decides he and Sally aren't a good match and leaves her.


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