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Chesney asks Steph's opinion on a dress he's bought for Sinead - she says it's not fit for her granny and sends him off to a different shop. Fiz sends Tyrone away to give them both space. Kal trains Steve and Nick together. Maria gets Kirk to mind Liam when she hears Tyrone is drinking alone in the Rovers. Kevin returns to Germany when Bill has a fall and breaks his leg. Sally is disappointed to hear Kevin has given Maddie a job cleaning cars at the garage. Kal pushes Nick and Steve hard at the gym. While practicing throwing punches, Nick snaps and whacks Steve in the face. Maria joins Tyrone in the Rovers. He admits to her that Fiz thinks something is going on between them. Sinead doesn't think the Steph-approved dress Chesney has bought suits her but doesn't have the heart to tell him. Nick tells Leanne what happened at the gym but he blames himself for it, thinking he's had another violent episode. Sharif criticises Kal's conduct. Steve is in too much pain to get physical with Michelle. Sinead encourages Fiz not to let Kirsty win. David sees Tyrone and Maria together and makes a comment about her trying to steal him. To prove a point, Maria tells Tyrone she's going home. They hug goodbye just as Fiz walks in. Tyrone catches up with an angry Fiz in the street and warns her not to try and control him as he's already gone through it once. Leanne asks Kal what really happened with Nick. He admits he pushed Nick too hard on purpose as he's frustrated with her. She tells him to stay away from them both in future.


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