Tyrone is furious about the call, telling Fiz that she's probably provoked Kirsty. Carla confides in an uncomfortable Tina about Peter, saying that she thinks he's in a cycle of depression about failure and drink, one fuelling the other. Eva drags a reluctant Leanne along to V Court Fitness where Kal is pleased to induct her. Maria returns to the salon for her mobile where David is happy to taunt her with the knowledge that she is the phone pest. He laughs that she is as twisted as he is which prompts her to decide to confess all. Simon overhears Carla saying that Peter could die if he doesn't stop drinking. He accuses her of wishing for that and when Tina remonstrates with him, he breaks down in Carla's arms and admits that he knows the fault is his dad's. Leanne grows uneasy with Kal's attentions and leaves the gym abruptly. Sharif notices. Deirdre starts to come round to Tony’s charms. Maria calls at No. 9 but backs out when she sees Fiz and Tyrone rowing over the phone call. Sharif gently quizzes Eva about Leanne and is not impressed when he hears of her very chequered past. Michelle’s touched when Steve presents her with a burnt birthday cake, made with his own fair hands. He snaps Tina's head off though when she makes a remark that it's the thought that counts, saying that she wouldn't know about thinking of anyone else. The regulars are shocked. Sharif tells Kal he doesn't want him to rush into a relationship with Leanne. Steve refuses to give Michelle an adequate reason why he is down on Tina. Deirdre accepts a hair dryer from Tracy, not knowing it's stolen. David tells Maria he knows how love drives you to do daft things and comforts her. Steve confronts Tina in the Rovers backyard and tells her he knows about her affair with Peter. She’s stunned. He tells her that he previously hasn't told Carla as he hoped she'd fade into the background. Tina worries that he'll tell Carla everything now.


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