Carla intends to tell Peter she's pregnant but he rushes out of the flat on factory business first thing. Tina's chirpiness causes Steph to guess that she's seeing her man today. The police ask Gail and Kylie to look over photos which could identify the intruder. Leanne gets Peter to take Simon to the dentist, much to the disappointment of both Carla and Tina. Phelan mentions the break-in to Owen and Gary. They play dumb. Michelle asks Carla why she hasn't told Peter her news but she genuinely hasn't had a chance as Peter rushes around between appointments. She decides to wait for the right moment. Julie and Sally decide on a lady's night at the bistro in Hayley's memory. Carla becomes tetchy and snaps at Kirk when he loses the van keys, causing a delivery to be delayed. He finds them in Peter's drawer as he forgot to return them. Peter meets Tina in her flat but rushes off immediately when he hears about the missing van keys. He is annoyed to find Rob lending a hand at the factory. Owen asks Katy to search through his contacts to drum up work as he wants to work for himself again. Carla books a table at the bistro, intending to tell Peter her news there, but with Tina harassing him about not seeing her, he ducks out of it. Carla accuses him of avoiding her and leaves, upset. Katy doesn't find any work for Owen. Stella prepares to tell Eva she's moving. Sally thinks it's time Maddie left No.4. Kevin says he'll handle it. Peter returns home and finds Carla despondent. She tells him she's pregnant.


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