Owen and Gary are up early to begin work at 6.00am at Phelan's insistence. Tyrone worries about Kevin's reaction when he discovers how far behind the paperwork is at the garage. Gail reluctantly agrees to babysit Max and Lily so David and Kylie can spend a night in a hotel, saying that the two of them take her for granted. Kylie decides she's going to make the evening away memorable. Having seen how efficient German garages are, Kevin is keen to emulate some of their business methods. He questions Tyrone as to why he seems subdued. Luke starts work at the garage. Eva openly questions Kal as to why he doesn't want to go out with Stella, embarrassing both her mother and Leanne. Carla, Michelle and Rob set off for George's funeral. Steph susses out that Tina is seeing her man again and protests that he's taking her for a mug. Tina retorts that he's taking her to a hotel in Worsley. Kylie and David agree to meet at the hotel in Worsley dressed as Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction. Peter and Tina arrive at the self-same hotel first. Under pressure from Stella, Eva half-heartedly apologises to Kal. He, in turn, apologises to Leanne for coming on too strong. Maria snaps at everyone at the salon. Kevin’s furious when Tyrone shows him the mound of unpaid invoices and unanswered tax documents, including a fine. Kylie excitedly gets ready at No.8 to meet David, who has already dressed up and left for the hotel, so she’s unaware of a strange figure lurking outside. Tired out, Gary cuts his hand badly. When Gail arrives home, she finds a man in the living room claiming to be inspecting a gas leak. She realises his story is false and tells him to take what he wants but not to harm the children. Peter and Tina are staggered when they see David walk in and sit at the hotel bar.


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