Owen works out that by working longer hours on the mill conversion job they can finish the task earlier than planned and escape Phelan's clutches. Tony offers his services to Jason for the gym job but is refused. Tina tells Steph that her ‘friend’ who is having an affair told the guy that she loves him but he didn’t return the compliment. Phelan is happy about the extra profit he'll make from Owen finishing the job early and goads Gary. Peter is distracted at work. Dev hands out flyers for the gym. Sophie sees Maddie at the hospital and hears that she's going to be staying with a friend. Dev is unimpressed by Jason's apparent lack of progress at the gym site. Gary gets more and more riled as Phelan curtly orders him around. Dev suggests that Jason needs help and he reluctantly calls his dad. Sophie tells Maddie she can come home with her for one night if Sally agrees. Gary suggests to Owen that they call Phelan's bluff. Owen angrily makes Gary see that Phelan holds all the cards. The man himself overhears their conversation. Fiz and Julie try to work out a way of raising funds for a cancer charity in Hayley's memory. Sally refuses Sophie's request but with a hint of subtle blackmail from her, Tim makes Sally change her mind. Peter is nervous of being seen with Tina. She tells him she doesn't know how much longer she can keep quiet. Steph tells Tina she knows she’s talking about herself and there is no "friend". Carla admits to Michelle she’s worried she might be pregnant. Phelan tells Gary and Owen to take the newly fitted mill windows out again as he claims they're the wrong ones. Gary goes for him...


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