Phelan still doesn't stir and Gary starts to grow concerned. Izzy starts to fret about Jake's temperature and Anna agrees to take him to Weatherfield General. They ring Gary but he is beside himself, trying to bring Phelan round. Jason continues to snipe at Tony when his father says that the house needs re-pointing. Gary rings Owen and summons him to the building site. Owen arrives and hears from the stricken lad that Phelan is still breathing. He demands to know what's happened. Jason worries that Eileen wants Tony back though Todd says the loss of the job was his own fault. Gary confesses all to Owen who is furious both that he was kept in the dark and at Gary's actions. Mary tells Kal and Stella that Dev is fifty tomorrow. Hearing that he has no plans, Stella thinks they should plan something for him and they arrange a party at her house. Owen and Gary find that Phelan has gone. Liz is annoyed when a planned night out with Deirdre is cancelled and sets her sights on Tony and the two flirt with each other. It’s been a disappointing evening at the bingo for Beth and Sinead. As they head for the bus stop, they chat to Maureen Rothwell, the winner of the evening. But when a youth suddenly makes a grab for Maureen’s handbag full of cash, Beth beats him off and retrieves the bag. With night fallen, Phelan is still nowhere to be found. Owen puts Gary off going to the police, suggesting they keep searching. Anna rings Owen from the hospital. They rush there to see what is wrong with Jake leaving Phelan to his own devices.


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