Anna manages to make her disgust of Phelan crystal clear and he leaves. Norris provides a sympathetic ear to Rita as she cries over her humiliation. He tells her she's the strongest woman he knows and that she will come through. Owen arrives home and sees that Anna is upset. She tells him she doesn't feel well and cries off the dinner date with the Phelans. Eileen corners Todd about Marcus but he denies that there's anything going on. Owen and the kids make the dinner date with the Phelans. Kal and Dev go into business with Kal's father, Sharif. Kal is not looking forward to working with his difficult father. Rita starts to count her blessings after being reminded of Roy and his loss and she rings Emily to apologise. Fiz and Jenna are hopeful that Roy is back to his old self. Izzy is perturbed about Anna and returns home to check on her. Anna denies anything happened but she doesn't believe her. Rita and Norris join Emily, Mary and Audrey for a birthday drink. Sharif insists they don't use Jason for the gym conversion as he can get the job done cheaper. Eileen dupes Marcus into admitting he slept with Todd. Fiz offers to help Roy clear out Hayley's things but he refuses. A furious Eileen tells Todd to steer clear of Marcus but he refuses. Rita thanks Norris for his friendship. Izzy tells Gary about Phelan. He is furious at the way his mum has been treated.


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