Nobody does anything to stop Roy. Put on the spot, Roy has a change of heart and ends up delivering a touching speech about Hayley. Sophie asks Eleanor Jacobs, who runs the soup kitchen, to tell Maddie that she didn't mind. Rob asks to join Tracy and Amy's movie night. He ends up enjoying himself. The mourners descend on the Rovers. Sally is furious that Sophie missed the funeral because of Maddie. Sophie tells her that Hayley would understand as she'd have wanted to help someone like Maddie. Roy is muted at the wake. Gail is upset that Nick has made arrangements to move out so soon and blames Leanne. Nick tells her he doesn't want to stay. Sophie tells Steph about the kiss and wonders what it means. Steph thinks Sophie fancies Maddie. Roy starts to feel besieged by well-wishers. He slips out of the Rovers while no-one is watching while they are all singing Close to You. Mary finds it too much and enjoys a private dance in the back yard. Norris joins her. Beth drunkenly asks Kirk to marry her. He takes it seriously and says yes but she's fallen asleep. Fiz and Anna find a note from Roy saying he's gone to visit Sylvia.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Roy feels besieged by well-wishers at the wake and escapes the barrage of sympathy. Noticing his absence, Anna and Fiz call at the cafe and find he has left them a note; and Sophie tells Steph that Maddie kissed her.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 8,170,000 viewers (8th place).

Notable dialogue

Roy Cropper: "The truth is, she was not perfect. She was flawed. She was real. She was my light, my beautiful coruscating light. My life was a dark corner and she came into it. I could see. I could see the world with her. I understood life. I understood love. She was my constant, my comfort, my compass."

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