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Roy reveals the truth to Fiz about Hayley taking her own life, stressing that he begged her not to do it. Fiz is stunned by the revelation. Sophie is surprised when Maddie tells her that she's pretty. Fiz feels robbed of the chance to tell Hayley how much she meant to her and turns on Roy, wishing she'd been told so she could have stopped Hayley. Sally brags to everyone how brave Tim was for taking on the massive burglar. Fiz is cold to Anna for not telling her about Hayley, and condemns her when she tells her that she washed the glass after Hayley used it. Anna tells her to go to the police if that's how she feels. Angry with Nick for not turning into work, Leanne turns up at No.8 and dumps some paperwork on him. Beth wants to feel useful and cooks a meal for the Brown/Tinker household using anything she can find in the fridge. It doesn't go down well. Carla makes Fiz see that Roy needs her support. Kal and Stella trade parenting stories. Stella is too embarrassed to admit that she didn't see Leanne grow up. Kal is attracted to Leanne. Fiz tells Roy she's sorry for reacting the way she did. Dev tells Kal he won't have time to be heavily involved in the gym business. They agree on a partnership. Sophie and Steph tease Tim about the "man" who broke into No.4. Roy tells Fiz that Hayley has wiped out his good memories by dying the way she did. He wonders why he didn't knock the glass from her hand.


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