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Fiz is starting to feel like there's something she's not being told about Hayley's death. Beth, Craig and Kirk move into No.5. Nick mopes around the house, refusing to go to work. Sally thinks Maddie got a man to burgle them. Dev and Kal consider opening a gym together. Fiz tells Tyrone that, looking back, it seems as though Hayley knew she was seeing her for the last time. Tyrone thinks she's having trouble accepting Hayley's death but she is certain something's up and questions Carla. Aware that Hayley's death was suicide, Carla wants to leave well alone and advises Fiz to find comfort in the fact that Hayley's suffering is at an end. Gail admonishes Leanne for giving up on Nick. Leanne tells her she did everything she could. Hayley has planned a humanist funeral. Tracy is annoyed to discover Michelle took Amy to hospital without consulting her. She tries to collect Amy from the Rovers and is irked when Amy says she'd rather stay with Michelle. Beth is desperate for work. Sophie confronts Maddie at the homeless shelter and accuses her of sending a man to her house. Maddie denies having anything to do with it but clearly doesn't care as Sophie can't prove it anyway. Sophie realises she did it herself and warns her not to trouble her family again. Fiz questions Anna about Hayley's last day. Anna says Hayley might have got a feeling she was going to die soon but there's nothing more to it. Fiz asks Roy if there's something he's not telling her.


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