Hayley tells Roy that her mind and body are getting weaker and that tonight she wants to start saying her goodbyes to people. Tracy’s furious when Steve agrees to drive Dev and Stella to the WARTS' Ball, leaving her and Rob to wait in the rain. Owen tells Pat Phelan that the higher than expected interest on his loan means he needs a higher share of the profits and they settle on 20%. The family open a bottle of champagne on the deal with the Phelans but Anna is a reluctant drinker. Roy agrees to take Hayley out in the wheelchair and meeting Chesney and Sinead she tells them that they make a lovely couple before giving Tracy both barrels when she makes a snide comment about her new hairdo. Carla is upset to see her in her chair. Rob and Tracy arrive drenched at the Ball and Stella's attitude annoys her further. Seeing that she's left her cloakroom token on the bar, Tracy steals it, bent on revenge. Roy takes Hayley into Underworld where Peter takes Roy for drink to leave the girls alone. Nick and Leanne agree to take a holiday together. Hayley thanks Carla for the extra years she's had since she saved her from Tony Gordon. Tracy and Rob look on laughing as Stella is told that their coats have already been claimed. Carla feels there's something wrong as she says goodbye to Hayley. Marcus and Maria lose the house having put in too low an offer but find that another at Park Avenue West may be on the market. Todd isn't pleased. Dev and Stella arrive home cold and drenched and have their coats flung at them from a passing taxi by Rob and Tracy. Hayley tells Roy that she intends to take her own life tomorrow.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Roy wheels Hayley round the street to say her goodbyes - bumping into old friends and even finding the strength to have a go at Tracy, much to her husband's amusement; and Nick and Leanne make plans for a holiday.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 8,130,000 viewers (10th place).

Notable dialogue

Hayley Cropper: "Listen to her - Tracy Barlow, the living proof there's no justice in the world."
Tracy Barlow: "Nope, that's why I should be running it. It would be a much better place."
Hayley Cropper: "Your mother's ashamed of you, your daughter barely knows you, your donor kidney would reject you if it could, but here you are still buzzing around like the queen bee, passing judgements on everyone you meet."

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