The Ogdens celebrate their silver wedding and Hilda reminisces about their wedding. Ken and Val give them a silver photo frame and from Minnie they receive a pickle fork. Jack gets out of bed and returns to the bar. Ena tells him she saw Lucille at 6.15am making her way to the Corner Shop and Annie discovers a note left behind on her pillow saying she and Gordon have run off. Stan gives Hilda a fun fur. She is delighted until she hears it's second-hand. The Walkers call at the shop and Annie and Maggie argue over who is to blame. Jack calms things down and takes Maggie to the police station to inform them. At the railway station, Gordon and Lucille miss the train to Gretna Green and have to wait five hours. Ena looks after the shop and finds Effie's slate with some £10 owing. She lets Effie know that she knows. The police tell the Walkers all they can do is circulate descriptions and try and persuade Lucille and Gordon to return if they do find them as they are over age. Effie accuses Val and Maggie of telling Ena about the slate and breaks down. Lucille and Gordon miss their next train. Lucille thinks they should ring home but Gordon disagrees. The Ogdens' party takes place in the Select. Annie worries all evening. Lucille gets upset thinking of what her dad would say about what she's doing. Ken plays his trumpet at the party and the Walkers present a complimentary cake. Hilda forces Stan to make a speech but he's prearranged for Ken to play If You Were the Only Girl In the World instead. Hilda cries with happiness. Lucille worries about Gordon missing his exams. They hear the train announcement but hesitate to take it.


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