It is Todd's birthday but he is not looking forward to the prospect of his birthday meal at the bistro with Tony Stewart present. Pat Phelan contacts Owen wanting to talk about the job converting a mill into ten flats. Owen tells Gary that he's made enquiries and the job sounds as if it could be a good one. Jason assures a worried Eileen that his dad will be thrown out if he causes trouble but she confesses that her main worry is that Tony will hurt him. Leanne is hurt when Nick is cold with her. Todd is upset that he's heard from no one in London. He makes innuendo-type comments to Marcus when he sees him with Maria. Tyrone and Kirk return from Suffolk with 500 punnets of strawberries in the van for Hayley. Sean has bought a £100 shirt for Todd and the Underworld girls tease him that they'd make a nice couple and tonight may be the night. Harriet Steele, the district nurse, delivers a wheelchair for Hayley, but she’s annoyed and tells Roy to get it out of her sight. He is delighted though when their friends arrive in the cafe with some of the strawberries. Phelan tells Owen he needs £80,000 stumping up for the costs but he will make over £20,000 profit. Owen wants to talk to Anna about the deal and Pat gives him twenty-four hours to think it over. At the bistro, Sean presents Todd with the shirt and Todd makes a point of stripping off to put it on in front of Marcus. Roy takes Hayley a bowl of the strawberries, telling her how her friends joined forces to obtain them. Hayley’s touched but she's not very hungry. Tony turns up at the party with an expensive bottle for Todd. Roy is stunned when the remainder of the punnets are brought into the cafe. Dev has tickets to a retailer's do and thinks of asking Stella to go with him. Kal notices his interest. Tony assures Eileen that he's changed his ways and realises that he's been a rotten father. Todd follows Marcus outside the bistro and leans in for a birthday kiss but they are interrupted by Eileen who demands to know what's going on...


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