Appalled by Peter's behaviour, Tina shows him the door. Michelle is anxious about taking the pregnancy test as she isn't sure she wants another baby. Peter is surprised to find Dave Hanlon at the factory. Carla tells him to work on his explanation. Steve tells Lloyd that Andrea is out of his league. Liz tells Steve about Michelle's possible pregnancy. Michelle sees him doing a happy dance. Roy is worried about Hayley as she is barely eating. Tyrone and Fiz go off to buy various foods for her to try. Carla manages to sweet talk Mr Hanlon into making an order. Peter makes a heartfelt confession to Carla that he was at an AA meeting as he had been tempted to drink. Carla is proud of him for not giving in. Michelle milks Steve being extra nice to her by covering her shift. Beth asks Carla for her job back but ends up rowing with her again. David and Kylie feel Gail is in the way now they're back together but they feel guilty at the thought of asking her to leave. Making a pros and cons list, they struggle with the pros but think up lots of cons. Carla is upset that Peter couldn't confide in her and reveals her worries to Tina. Michelle discovers she isn't pregnant and puts her and Steve on a diet to shake off the extra pounds. She is glad not to be pregnant as she didn't want another baby. Tina feels guilty about the effect Peter's lies are having on Carla and tells Peter she'll only stay in Weatherfield if they tell Carla the truth.


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