Peter is distracted at work. Carla reminds him that he has to sort out with Tina which days she'll be minding Simon over Christmas. Gail works on Max’s nativity costume as she struggles to get a polite word out of Kylie. Dennis tries to contact talent agents to come to the gig on Friday but struggles to find anyone he knew who is still in the business, or even alive. Roy is determined, though nervous, to pass his driving test on Friday to keep a promise he has made to Hayley. Gail determines to leave Max and Lily on their own with David, despite her promise to Kylie, as she's tired of her acting childishly. Peter approaches Tina but she gives him short shrift. Brian loads a van with his belongings, intending to leave that night. He agrees to meet Julie later to discuss ownership of the flat. Norris makes sarcastic comments about the gig but Rita comes to Dennis's defence. Tina flirts with Rob again. Brian gives Julie the keys to the flat, offering her the opportunity to buy his share of it. Expecting him to carry on paying the mortgage, even though they are splitting up, they part on bad terms. Brian drives away to Wrexham. Playing with Max, David lets him open one of his presents early, not knowing it is Kylie's special present to him. Kylie walks in just as Max has torn away the wrapping paper and sees what is going on. Tina goes on her break and Rob follows her to the yard where, after some more flirty conversation, they end up kissing. Carla walks in on them, but retreats laughing at what she has seen. Kylie and David argue again as Gail returns. Having had enough of the same old arguments, David leaves. Carla enjoys telling an annoyed Peter what she saw but tells him to keep quiet about the matter, though she admits she'd prefer Rob to go out with Tina than Tracy. She predicts interesting times ahead.


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