David thinks he should be with Audrey when she breaks the news that he's working with her again but she sets off alone, thinking it best that he keeps out of the way. Sophie forces Dev into going jogging with her. Kylie and Nick refuses to listen to Audrey's reasons while Gail thinks she's moving too quickly and when David delivers some money, she gives him the same advice. Jason suspects that Sean fancies Todd. Julie is upset at the adoption decision but Brian tells her that their future together isn't totally bleak. Dev is shattered after the run round the Red Rec and Gary suggests that he use the services of Kal Nazir, a friend of his from the army who is now a personal trainer. Dev refuses. Nick turns up at the salon which is open for Sunday and starts to cause trouble with David. Unable to take his brother's jibes, David leaves and Nick storms after him, telling him to leave the street or everyone will find out what he did. Beth convinces Julie to appeal against the adoption decision, perturbing Brian. After playing along to Bits and Pieces on his lollipop sign in the Kabin, Dennis reminisces with Gloria about variety acts of yesteryear but Rita isn’t happy when she finds them together in the Rovers. Gary gets in touch with Kal who meets him for a drink. The women ogle him while Gary introduces him to Dev. Gail gives Kylie David's money. Having had enough, she goes round to the salon where even though she and David chat amicably about their previous feelings for each other, she insists she wants nothing more to do with him. Matters deteriorate when David points out that things went wrong when Kylie slept with Nick. He tells Kylie how he found out about her betrayal, forcing her to realise how he must have felt at the time. Dev and Kal bicker, prompting Dev to agree to employ him as his trainer. Rita's jibes prod Dennis into making calls to his old showbiz contacts in an effort to get back into the business again. She is neither enthusiastic nor encouraging. David tells Kylie about his thoughts of suicide and they are temporarily reconciled but when he talks about "working on" Nick, she backs off, accusing him of still being devious. She reverts back to telling him to leaving them all alone for good and walks out. Brian despairs as he tells Marcus that Julie’s still harping on about fostering – and he still hasn’t told her about the job. Marcus tells him he has to ask himself who’s more important: the job or Julie? Dev finds out that Kal is a widower with two children, his wife having died two years before. Gary tells Kal about Sunita's murder and that Dev is in the same situation. Brian thinks that Todd fancies Sean but he tells Brian that he wouldn’t go out with Sean if he was the last man alive and Sean’s crushed when Brian blurts out what Todd said. Julie resolves to call Trudy Michaelson tomorrow. Kylie breaks down as she tells Gail that she still loves David but she despises what the two of them have done and desperately wants him to leave them all alone.


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