Peter’s miles away thinking about Tina but Carla assumes he is brooding over Simon. Hayley has managed to finish Carla's wedding dress. Michelle is suspicious when Steve says he has to be at the college for four hours and rings them to check. Anna’s tense as the threat of prosecution hangs over Faye and is determined to persuade Peter and Leanne to drop the charges. As the Underworld staff clock off early to prepare for the stag and hen parties, Hayley delivers the dress - Carla is ecstatic over it. Tina tells Peter she can't look after Simon any more. The boy is upset and makes her change her mind. Under a subterfuge, Hayley takes Roy to the funeral parlour she has chosen. Upset, he nevertheless allows her to take him inside so that she can give directions as to how she wants her funeral to take place. Michelle confronts Steve when he returns that there was no four-hour lesson at college and forces the evening shifts on him for the entire following week. Roy and Hayley find it difficult discussing the funeral. The parties begin: the men are in the Rovers where Liz tries to keep a distance between Peter and Tina. Carla confesses to Michelle that she’s worried Peter might have changed his mind about marrying her. Anna goes to see Leanne. Rob and Tracy enter the Rovers where Rob starts taunting Peter. Tina hauls him away before a fight can break out. Peter confesses to Tina that he's not happy about getting married and asks her why she thinks that is. She retorts that she doesn't know and he should tell her...


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