Brian tells Marcus he plans to go to the interview in Wrexham and be back in time to meet the foster agent. Nick goes to a meeting with a wine supplier. Dev and Stella go to Karl's sentencing. Emily and Norris turn down Mary's invitation to dinner in the motor home. The wine supplier phones the bistro and tells Leanne Nick didn't turn up. Nick admits he went into town but forgot why he was there. She tells him not to be ashamed. Beth sneaks Sinead's knickers into her batch to win Employee of the Month. Brian gets the Wrexham job but has to race back to Weatherfield. Julie waits for him to go over their stories. Nick helps Simon with a project on volcanoes. Grace and Faye throw stones at the motor home and hide from Mary. Karl gets at least 25 years. Stella thanks Dev for his friendship. A furious Mary tells Anna Faye has been bothering her. Nick is on edge while helping Simon and snaps at him in frustration when he has a memory lapse.


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