Roy tells a relieved Hayley that he will support her decision to end her life at a time of her choosing. Tina contacts Tommy and tells him to return. She tries to talk to Kylie to mediate but she ends up rounding on her husband, telling David that Tina’s tired of his presence as is everyone else. Eileen follows up on Sean’s idea and gets Todd a job at Street Cars. His thanks to her ring hollow. Carla suggests to Peter that Tina could help them out and look after Simon while Leanne is occupied with Nick. He agrees. Hayley thanks Roy for his understanding but he’s clearly troubled. An angry Leanne fetches Simon from No. 6 where he has been hiding out with Grace and Faye. After he has gone, Owen demands to know from the two girls what has been happening but Faye gives cheek in a manner previously suggested by Grace. Anna finds a troubled Roy wandering the street and asks him what’s wrong. When she finds out, she tells him that it is better to lie and enjoy their days together than to spend their final days arguing. Tina agrees to look after Simon for pay. Owen voices his suspicions to Anna that Faye and Grace prompted Simon’s actions but she is distracted by Roy and Hayley’s problem. Leanne agrees to Peter’s plan for Tina to look after Simon. David blows Tina’s money on booze and drowns his sorrows in the Rovers. Tina’s furious and gets Sean to take him back to the flat. Hayley breaks down, telling Roy she doesn’t want to leave him.


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