Roy races to have the bedroom redecorated in time for Hayley's homecoming. Grace and Faye offer an insincere apology to Nick. When they overhear Sally and Tim making plans for a quiet night in, Faye and Grace invite themselves. Grace tells Faye she should show Tim she's more important to him than Sally. Mary helps out at the cafe and lends a hand at the decorating while Roy is out. Leanne helps Nick move out of No.8 as they return to the flat. Nick asks Leanne if she's sure this is what she wants, she says it is. Kylie tries to help but Leanne makes it clear it's not wanted. An angry man, Alex Hughes, calls at No.11 demanding to see Todd. He soon calms down and tells Eileen and Jason that he and Todd were supposed to go to New York together on Friday but Todd didn't show up at the airport and sent him a text dumping him. Alex wants back the spending money he gave Todd and an explanation. Roy is furious to discover Mary has been in the flat. Alex reveals Todd has been sacked from his job and calls him selfish and a liar. Eileen and Jason throw him out as they know Todd's not like that. Kylie wants to get her life sorted. At Gail's urging, she asks Leanne if she can return to the bistro but Leanne's answer is an emphatic "no". Grace and Faye are bored at No.4. Grace makes Faye leave a message for Tim saying they've been left on their own and someone is trying to break in. Anna is worried about Roy and tells him she's not leaving him until he tells her what's wrong between him and Hayley. Todd arrives at No.11. He says he's still with Jools Creme and work is fine. Eileen and Jason don't believe him.


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