Nick is depressed after Leanne’s statement. No. 6 is being decorated for the Halloween party and Tim offers to hire a costume for Faye. Gail implores Leanne to give him another chance, reminding her that all this started because she went to Peter on their wedding day. Eileen is depressed at her lack of social life. Anna invites Simon to the party and, her guilt piqued, Leanne offers Nick the chance to spend some time with Simon, suggesting he takes him there. He is delighted, thinking he’s making headway with her. Anna has to hire Faye’s costume when Tim forgets. Liz hears of Eileen’s depression and decides she needs a girl’s night out. The party begins and Grace makes sure she’s in the best costume that puts everyone else’s efforts to shame. Liz invites Eileen to the Rovers for a party. Sally and Tim arrive at the party and Sally and Anna immediately start winding each other up. Nick starts to feel overwhelmed by the noise. Grace starts to pick on Simon and make fun of Nick’s confusion with his words. Owen starts to notice her mean streak. Grace turns the music up loud, and provokes Simon with comments about his mum being dead and Nick being “mental”. Wanting to leave, Simon accidentally knocks the bowl of punch over Nick. He cracks and starts yelling at the kids just as Leanne arrives. Grace watches on, smiling…


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