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David rushes to Nick's aid and helps get him into No.8, much against Kylie's better judgement. Tracy demands to know from Tina what she meant. She tells her it was a successful attempt to wind her up. Nick panics that he can't remember where he was going. Gail and Audrey rush home having heard from Tina what happened. When Nick suddenly panics at David's presence, Gail asks him to leave. Faye is uneasy about Grace's prank. Sinead sews "Manager" on the front of Chesney's apron. He is delighted and Beth is impressed with her skills. Tina is furious to learn that Rob lied to her about Rita's feelings but she tells her to grow up. Nick wants to phone Leanne but he keeps having memory blanks. He breaks down. Rob covers when Tracy continues to demand to know what Tina was insinuating. Tracy storms round to the Rovers where Tina tells her of Rob's offer to pay for the damages. Tracy turns on Rob who tells her that there are times when she's off her head. Upset, Tracy brushes him off. Grace pushes Faye to ask for a Halloween party. Audrey thinks Nick should be told the truth about Leanne not wanting to see him. Tracy's left questioning her relationship with Rob and asking if she can trust him. Deirdre tells her that the two of them are too alike and he will break her heart. Beth asks Sinead for help sewing to get the bonus but she refuses. Rob tries to apologise to Tracy but he also tells her to get a grip on her temper so that she doesn't damage the business. They make up. Anna agrees to think about a party but when Faye starts pulling on her heartstrings as instructed by Grace, claiming she just wanted something to look forward to after all that's been happening with her dad and Sally, Anna reluctantly agrees. Owen warns her that she's being used and isn't fooled by Grace's influence. Gail wavers over her treatment of David. When Nick goes to phone Leanne, Audrey warns him that Leanne might not come back to him. He lashes out in frustration.


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