Tina tells Dennis that Tommy is in the Canary Islands and she thinks he'll come back once he's got his head together. She is furious when she receives a bill from Tracy for £600 for the window and three smashed laptops. Dennis advises her to come round to The Kabin later for a "council of war" but not to act hastily, however David suggests she should show Tracy who's boss. Nick pushes himself to the limit with his physio exercises, hoping that Leanne will return. Jenna collects her things from an angry Sophie. Anna tells Sally she’s a mug for letting Tim walk all over her but Sally retorts that she's just insecure about Faye. Chesney begins work at the kebab shop. Gail confides in Kylie that she's worried that Nick's getting his hopes up and Leanne may never return. Rita suggests that Tina pay for just the window but she won't hear of it and rips the bill up in front of Tracy who threatens the police. Rob stops her ringing them. As Tim moves his stuff into No.4, Faye's unimpressed. Grace offers to show her how to make Sally's life a misery. Desperate to end the feud, Rita tries to talk some sense into Tracy but Tracy just laughs in her face and calls the police. Peter introduces an "employee of the month" scheme at Underworld but Carla isn't impressed. Beth is interested in the possibility of getting a £100 bonus through the scheme. Wanting to end the feud, Rob catches up with Tina. Playing on the strain this is placing on Rita he offers a deal; he’ll pay for the repairs if Tina will publicly apologise to Tracy. Grace steals Sally's change in the cafe, causing a furious argument between her and Anna. She then drops the money on the floor and "helpfully" points it out to the angry shouting women. Gail and David manage to have a civil conversation but the rift between them isn't healed. The police call at the Rovers for Tina. Remembering Rob's words, she apologises to Tracy and agrees to pay the damages. She does however insinuate that Rob has been lying to Tracy, instantly arousing her suspicions. Nick determines to find out from Stella what Leanne's intentions are, but he collapses in the street on the way to see her.


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