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Faye gives Sally cheek in the cafe. The lock-up containing Chesney's stock from the market is broken into. Rita pays Tina back the money she paid out but warns Dennis it's not a hand-out - he now owes Rita the money. Tina warns Tracy via Rob about pulling any more stunts. The antibiotics aren't fighting Hayley's infection. The cause is still a mystery. Sally suggests she and Tim take Faye to the pictures. Tim agrees but then agrees to go out with a mate at the same time. David's friend kicks him out. As he has nowhere to go, Tina puts him up. Fiz asks Roy to tell her what he and Hayley were arguing about. He says it's private. Rob is annoyed when Tracy closes the shop to have lunch. All of Chesney's stock has been stolen. He has no income until the insurance money comes through. Anna drops Faye off at No.4 but when Sally says she can't get hold of Tim, Anna realises Tim isn't going to show up and takes Faye home. Sophie tells Sally that Tim is a loser. David summons Tina to the flat, saying it's an emergency. He tells her Tommy kicked off when he found him there and has left to get on a plane, without saying anything to Tina. Roy doesn't want to talk about Hayley's decision while she's unwell. Tracy and Tina exchange barbed comments across the bar. Tina ends up nearly going for Tracy but Liz stops her. Peter warns Tina against playing dirty with Tracy as she'll win.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Roy is relieved that the antibiotics are fighting Hayley's infection, while she is grateful he hasn't told anyone else about her intentions. It seems the couple are reconciled - until he vows to change her mind; Tina confronts Rob about Tracy's actions, then risks upsetting Tommy by offering homeless David somewhere to stay for a few nights; and Chesney has his market stock stolen.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 8,500,000 viewers (6th place).
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