Tracy tells Dennis she might have sold the ring, knowing full well she hasn't. Rob turns up and sells the ring back to Dennis for £650 - £150 more than he got for it. Tina is livid. Kylie returns home while David is there for his clothes. She tells him to leave. David swears he's sorry but Kylie's eyes have been opened to the lengths he'll go against people who upset him and she wants nothing to do with him. Rita is confused when Dennis returns the ring early and looking the same as it did before. Hayley has an infection and is being treated with antibiotics. Roy asks Mr Peakman if the cancer is getting worse but it's too early to tell. Rob tells Tracy off for goading Tina and points out that her attitude will turn customers away. Jenna is fed up with Sophie's immaturity. Roy thinks Hayley's collapse was brought on by their argument. Tracy and Tina's feud continues in the Rovers. Tracy "accidentally" lets slip to Rita about Dennis selling her ring. Rita is embarrassed and drags Dennis home. Hayley responds well to treatment. She and Roy make up. Kylie considers her future as a single mother. Nick pledges to help her when he can. Roy is relieved when Hayley tells him that she's realised she's not ready to go yet, but she quickly adds that she's not changed her mind - if anything this has made her more sure she wants to die while she's strong.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Roy keeps a vigil by Hayley's hospital bed, her decision weighing heavily on his mind - and when she apologises for leaving him, he hopes they have turned a corner; and Tina buys back Rita's ring, although Rob asks a considerable amount more than Dennis sold it for.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 9,040,000 viewers (5th place).
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