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David is getting annoyed over Kylie's suspicions about him and Tina. He finds out from Leanne that Gail has possession of the letter. Roy enlists Fiz's help with the final stages of his surprise trip to Blackpool for Hayley. He is alarmed when Fiz mentions Hayley's undoubted wish to go ballroom dancing and admits that he hasn't been practicing any moves. David tries to get hold of Gail for the letter. Nick is told that he might be discharged today. He tells the rehab nurse that he's not sure he feels ready. Rita decides that she and Dennis need a holiday. Roy asks Norris to teach him the foxtrot. David searches No.8 for the letter but is interrupted by Eva and Kylie. More suspicious than ever, Kylie demands Eva help her prove that David is lying. Roy is hopeless at the dancing but, because it's for Hayley, Norris forces him to persevere. Steve and Michelle move into the Rovers. Tracy is jealous when she hears the news. It's Kylie's turn to search the house for evidence about David. She finds the letter - it's a hotel booking which she thinks is for David and Tina. Nick arrives home but is short with David. Kylie bursts into the Rovers to confront Tina. A catfight breaks out which is broken up by a new arrival - Liz, who immediately starts to act as if she runs the place. Steve looks sheepish and is evasive when Michelle demands answers. Kylie demands the same from Tina.


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Deirdre Barlow: "It must be nice having a sign over your door - shall I get one?"
Tracy Barlow: "Saying what? 'Abandon hope all ye who enter here?'"

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