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Tommy and Tina move back into Owen's flat. David has agreed to help them decorate although Kylie doesn't like the idea as she still has suspicions about David and Tina. Steve excitedly tells Barry about his plan to surprise Michelle when she starts her shift. The Prices leave the Rovers. Nick and Leanne celebrate the news that he will be discharged from hospital in a week. Roy passes his theory test with 100%. Hayley is thrilled when Jeff and Jane call at the cafe. Kylie is further put out to discover David volunteered to help Tina out. David tells Nick he's expecting the DNA test results today. Nick decides not to tell Leanne anything if Lily turns out to be David's. Michelle finds out about Steve buying the Rovers when she hears him telling Tyrone. She calls him a pig-headed fool. David receives the letter and discovers he is Lily's father. He's giddy with happiness and goes to tell Nick. Michelle thinks the Rovers is beneath her after working at the factory. She isn't impressed when Steve says he had to take out a loan to buy it. Nick is bitter when David tells him the news about Lily's paternity. He feels David has come out of the situation with everything while he is left with brain damage. David becomes angry and tells him that he hopes he never gets well. He forgets to take the letter away with him. Steve doesn't understand why Michelle didn't like the surprise. Barry tells him women like to be in charge. Leanne takes the letter and passes it on to Gail, having been told by Nick that it's a hotel booking confirmation. Gail puts it inside a DVD. Steve and Michelle make up. David's secretive behaviour fuels Kylie's suspicions.


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