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David ducks out of visiting Nick. Michelle tells Barry she'll find out what's going on with between him and her mother. Roy plans a trip to Blackpool for him and Hayley as a way of being more spontaneous. Sally sees Tim's curtains twitching even though he is meant to be in Birmingham. Kylie is suspicious when she sees David with Tina. Leanne hears Nick sounding off at a nurse and is worried he has brain damage but is assured that he is making good progress. Hayley steels herself to talk Roy into going to a support group with her. Peter isn't satisfied with the filing system at the factory and tells Carla they need a PA. Sally and Eva are interested. Nick is ungrateful when Gail, Audrey and Leanne visit him and tells them to go home as he only wants to see David. Roy has a difficult driving lesson and nearly runs Steve over. Tim pretends to have just returned from Birmingham. When Sally asks him about the curtains, he says he gave Dev a key. Peter hires Eva as PA when she retrieves a file for him. Sally is furious as she felt the job should be hers. Nick tells David to get a DNA test taken on Lily or he'll go to the police about the crash. Steve pays Lloyd and Eileen to take Barry out for a few hours. Hayley demands to know why Roy is being odd with her. David tells Tina he'll have to do what Nick demands although he'll lose whatever happens.


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