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David tries desperately to convince Nick that he's confused but is angrily told to shut up. The effort is too much though and he falls asleep again. Pat Phelan threatens the police but Owen holds his nerve, pointing out that Pat hasn't done that very act so far and threatens to tell the police himself about some of Pat's past shady dealings. David tries to find out from a nurse if Nick will have any permanent brain damage. Owen gives Pat a final warning that he'll tell Valerie of his extra-marital affairs if he doesn't pay him the £4,000 he owes him. Nick comes round again and accuses David of trying to kill him. David frantically urges him to believe that the crash was an accident. Anna worries that Owen is getting in too deep. Pat returns with the money in cash and Owen returns the bike. Julie tells a shocked Brian about the fostering idea. He asks for time to think about it but Julie is adamant that she wants children one way or the other. Michelle phones her mum and finds out that she isn't at a spa but she refuses to say what's wrong. Anna is furious at Owen's tactics but he tells Gary that he's pleased he's shown everyone that he's not to be messed with. David asks Nick what he intends to do. Nick replies that he doesn't yet know.


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  • TV Times synopsis: At the hospital, a desperate David begs a semi-conscious Nick to believe he never meant to cause the crash; Owen calls Phelan's bluff when he threatens to call the police; and Brian is shocked when Julie suggests they should think about fostering.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 7,890,000 viewers (12th place).
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