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It's tense at No.8 as Gail, David and Kylie each worry privately about what Nick remembers, tripping over themselves in a bid not to let anything slip. Leanne has to manage a large booking at the bistro and asks David to go to the hospital and sit with Nick. He agrees, though Gail and Kylie doubt the wisdom of such an act. Steve and Michelle enjoy having the flat to themselves but their happiness is interrupted when Barry Connor arrives, complete with large bag and asking if he can stay for a couple of nights. Owen and Gary call at Pat Phelan's house. With no one in and an open window, Owen orders Gary to break in. Barry says that Helen has gone to a spa for a few days. Deirdre overhears Eileen and Julie discussing fostering and tells them Rita used to be a foster mother. Rita agrees to talk to them about her experiences. Owen breaks into the house himself and, taking the keys to a motorbike, steals the bike in front of a just-arrived and furious Pat. Barry is surprised to see Marcus and Maria living together but he welcomes him to the family. David arrives to sit with Nick. Gail finds Kylie in tears, regretting her past actions and worried sick over what will happen. She thinks it would be best to come clean to David, but Gail sharply tells her not to. Michelle pushes Barry for an answer as to why he has made a sudden visit but he proves evasive. Faye's relieved when it seems a hot and cold blowing Grace Piper want to be friends with her again. Anna is livid to see Owen stealing a motorbike, Pat follows Owen to the builder's yard and Owen agrees to negotiate. Nick tells David he remembers everything...


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