Kylie and Gail are worried about why Nick reacted to the sight of David in the way that he did. Owen is determined to confront Pat Phelan about his alleged bankruptcy. Brian is starting to feel despondent about his job and his attitude is getting to Julie. Kylie ponders seeing Nick and telling him herself to keep quiet about Lily’s parentage. Gail has come to appreciate Kylie’s better points as a wife and mother and suggests that she shouldn’t stir things up. Owen visits Pat’s wife Valerie in an attempt to trace her husband. She tells him all of their assets are in her name now. Ryan sets off for the airport and Ibiza. Nick’s recovery continues apace. Kylie registers Lily and tells David of her plan to visit Nick. He warns her to take no notice of anything strange that Nick says. Julie tells Eileen that part of Brian’s depressed attitude comes from turning fifty and having no children yet he won’t discuss adoption. Behind Michelle’s back, Steve rings someone about the Rovers being for sale, asking if they’re still interested. Owen calls on Pat Phelan who shows him his bankruptcy order. Owen warns him the matter isn’t over. Kylie visits the hospital. David confides his worries again in Tina. Brian sneaks out of school, tired of his job. Leanne makes Kylie show pictures of Lily to Nick, who manages to utter the words “Not…his…mine”. Kylie is horrified but Leanne thinks her husband is still just confused. Kylie returns home in an upset state. She tells Gail that she’s worried that something has made Nick determined to tell everyone the truth.


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