David apologises to Kylie for his behaviour and she grudgingly accepts. Owen again refuses Katy a job, telling her she has a full time job already looking after Joseph. Michelle tells Ryan he has until the end of the week and then he’s paying his board. Anna tells Katy to just show her father that she’s capable of doing the job at the Builders Yard. Nick tries to talk. Gail breaks down with Audrey as the strain of events starts to get to her and David watches on, feeling troubled. He runs out of the salon. Katy forces herself into the job before an open-mouthed Owen can object. Steve tries to give Ryan a pep talk about doing something with his life. Desperate to savour the time he thinks he has left with Kylie and Lily, David suggests a walk out. Carla waits at the bar at the Rovers for Michelle to finish her shift so she can talk to her. Katy realises that Owen has unpaid invoices that go back weeks. Michelle tells Carla that if she goes back to Underworld they would end up hating each other but the conversation breaks the ice between them. Gail and Leanne keep a vigil over Nick. David and Kylie have gone to the park where David makes suggestions that they go away together. Ryan announces that he has a job for six months DJ’ing in Ibiza. Nick starts to mutter David’s name.


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