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It is Roy's birthday. Christian hasn't responded to Hayley's message and her present to Roy is a railway driver's hat. Stella confesses to Eva that she can't stand the sight of the Rovers. Fiz is bittersweet as she packs up her things to move out of No.5 and into No.9. Stella walks off when Gloria gives her some "tough love" to try and snap her out of her depression. Hope draws a birthday card for Roy and the Croppers go the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester for the day with Fiz, Tyrone and the children but return quickly as Hayley tires. Jason helps Eva decorate the Rovers for Roy's party. Stella can't get rid of her depression over Karl. Tim tells Jason that Sally is hounding him over their trip to Paris and his warnings have come true. Roy arrives with some reluctance at the Rovers for his party. His presents include an adopted bat called Cyril from Tyrone and Fiz with the money paid going towards conservation projects. Gloria isn't pleased to see that Jason and Eva are getting closer. Roy and Hayley have a quiet moment to themselves outside, looking at the moon and stars. Hayley tells Roy that although she didn't want to die so soon, she is glad she's with him. He replies that he doesn't deserve her and his greatest fear is that in her hour of need he will let her down.


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