Stella empties the Rovers of all Karl's things but she's finding it hard to cope with the stress of events and spurns any sympathy. Roy is nervous about his driving lesson. Eva confides her worries about Stella to Jason and Dev thanks him for what he's done for his family in exposing Karl. The Underworld staff feel they owe Dev an apology for believing Sunita to be the arsonist but Eva and Beth have cross words over how much Stella knew. The lady in question nerves herself and goes to see Craig but he is still too stressed to answer her apology. Norris unnerves Roy with his comments about his lack of driving skills. Tommy suggests to Fiz that she moves in with Tyrone. DS Willets tells Stella that Karl has made a full confession and that the night of the fire has to be investigated all over again. She blames the pressure she put on Karl for his actions but she can't bring herself to talk to Dev when she sees him in the ginnel. Tim sends Sally flowers as an apology but Sophie thinks she's letting herself be walked over. Consequently, Sally plays it cool with Tim when he calls round and asks her for a drink. With Roy out on the road, Hayley slips away to the factory to catch up on the gossip. There, she is just in time to cause a distraction before a fight breaks out between Eva and Beth but she is overtaken with a sudden pain while chatting with her workmates. Tyrone finds an injured pigeon which got trapped in the garage. Stella works behind the bar and starts to knock back shots of vodka as Gloria and Eva look on with concern.


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Eileen Grimshaw: "Do you know what, Norris? One day, someone is going to take that sticky beak of yours and shove it where the sun don't shine. It's probably gonna be me."

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