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David is about to confess to Leanne when Sean bursts into the bistro and announces that Kylie has gone into labour. David, Gail and Leanne rush off to No.8. Sally is downbeat as Tim enjoys himself at Anna's party. Roy isn't surprised by Sylvia's disappearance, noting that she always gives up when things get tough. The paramedics don't arrive in time so Gail has to deliver Kylie's baby herself, with the midwife advising David by phone. Roy and Hayley turn up at Sally's party despite being invited to Anna's. They are embarrassed when Sally and Anna argue over them. Kylie gives birth just as the paramedics arrive. Leanne asks David what he was going to say to her, he says it was just to tell her not to blame herself for the accident. When Gary borrows Sally's ketchup bottle, Sally and Anna start a tussle over it, causing them to fall, bringing the fence down. David and Kylie decide to call their baby Lily. Sally and Anna are ashamed of their pettiness. Tina gives David one night to sort out his affairs, for Lily's sake.


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