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As an exhausted Leanne sits overnight at Nick's bedside willing him to wake, David's overwhelmed with guilt. Tina leaves a message on his phone, demanding to speak to him. Sinead has spent the night with Chesney but they are interrupted when Katy calls round to suggest they do something with Joseph in the afternoon. Sophie is shocked that Tim has spent the night at No.4. Anna is rushed off her feet at the cafe and wonders where Sylvia is. Izzy wants Tina to be more involved in Jake's life and invites her round but she is distracted in searching for David. She finds him in the salon and accuses him of the vendetta but they interrupted by Gail in a rush. Tina tells him that she'll be back for answers. Anna takes Fiz a note she has found that Sylvia has left stating that she's gone to stay with her sister, as she needs to get away from it all. They decide not to tell Roy and Hayley until they get back from their holidays. Katy, dolled up to the nines, meets Chesney in the cafe. Making out Joseph's got a cold, she tells Chesney how she thought it'd be nice for them to have some time alone. Steve puts Michelle up to persuading Eileen to go out for the night but she sees through the pretence. Sinead watches from across the street as Katy tells Chesney she wants to get back with him. Sally invites Steve and Michelle to her "garden party" but Eileen is annoyed to hear them discussing her love life. Sinead tells Chesney it's decision time - her or Katy. Tina confronts David in the salon again and threatens to go the police unless he tells her the truth.


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