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Sally tells Jenna she's made a date with Neil, who she met online. David apologises to Tina for snapping at her. She understands. Leanne and the Platts visit Nick, while David stays at home with Max and Simon. Simon thinks Nick is going to die like his mum did. Julie returns from visiting her mum. She upsets Beth by suggesting that Craig's behaviour is because of drugs. Stella returns from her holiday early, without Karl, to support Leanne. Tim tries to say hello to Faye but she ignores him. Sally invites him for a drink. Gloria is stuck in town so Tina has to hold the fort at the Rovers during Jake's party. She insists she can handle it although Tommy and Rita are worried about her. Julie insensitively puts her in a group photo. Beth feels like a bad mum. Kirk says he wishes he'd had a mum like her. Tim concentrates on the positives about his move to Newcastle. Beth goes off to search Craig's room for stashes. Faye is upset about Tim. Tracy goads Tina, joking that she'll snatch Jake if they're not careful. Leanne tells David the witnesses told the police the van went out of control. Owen makes a speech about the struggle Gary and Izzy went through to become parents and thanks Tina for carrying Jake. Izzy also thanks Owen. Leanne demands to know from the consultant how Nick will be if he wakes up. She is told that Nick may have brain damage and have mood swings and panic attacks, and find simple tasks difficult. She is stricken. Tina snaps at Tommy when he asks how she is. Tracy is sick of everyone talking about how wonderful Tina is and reminds them she only did it for the money. Rita and Owen defend Tina but Tina tells everyone to shut up as she's tired of being treated like an invalid. She throws a glass of wine over Tracy and, after having a go at Rita for always sticking her nose in, she grabs a bottle of vodka and storms out of the Rovers.


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